11 Oct 2010

A farmers' training course on balanced fertilization on vegetables in Chongqin

A farmers' training course on balanced fertilization on vegetables was conducted in early September 2011 in Quxi Village, Zhenxi Town, Huling District, Chongqing. This district is the origin of the special vegetable - mustard tuber that is used to make a kind of popular gourmet pickles in China and produces major avenue from agricultural sector in the district. For this reason, the local government is highly interested in the technology that can continuously improve yield and quality of mustard tuber. Invited by the Agricultural Bureau of Huling District, IPNI collaborators from Southwest University went to Huling District to conduct the farmers' training course on this vegetable. There were 185 people showed up at a farmers' yard training. Prof. Wang, Zhengyin from Southwest University as the main trainer, emphasized the importance of balanced fertilization on the mustard tuber. He explained in very details about the fertilizer sources suitable for the vegetable, as well as right rate, right time and right placement that should be used during the fertilizer practices. Also, fertilizer rates for different yield goals and quality, the relationship between correct fertilization and sound environment were stressed. There were about 300 copies of training materials and 150 copies of Better Crop Chinawere distributed. It was a great training course and welcomed by the farmers and local government. The following picture shows the farmers at the yard training course.

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