15 Apr 2015

Increased times of N splitting at vegetative growth period can advance banana blossom

In a field experiment to test effects of different rates and timings of controlled release urea (CRU) against regular urea (RU) on banana growth, it was observed that the CRU applied in three splits achieved the fast banana growth rate and the highest budding rate (81.5%) among all the treatments. The budding rate was 11.1% for N omitting plot, 62.9% for two splits of RU and 74.1% for three splits of RU applied during the vegetative period. The budding rate for the rest treatments was less than 71%. The results imply that banana blossom can be advanced with increased splitting of N at vegetative growth period. Alternatively, using trip fertigation that provides nutrients even more often to banana may also achieve the same effect.

Fig. 1 Banana plants without budding in the N omitting plot (left) and with budding in the N treated plot (right)

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