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27 Oct 2015Yield Gap, Indigenous Nutrient Supply and Nutrient Use Efficiency for Maize in China

Xu X, Liu X, He P, Johnston AM, Zhao S, Qiu S, et al. (2015). PLoS ONE 10(10): e0140767. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0140767

18 Oct 2012Performance of a optimized nutrient management system for double-cropped wheat–maize rotations in North Central China

Over-application of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), and insufficient supply of potassium (K) are considered primary reasons for restriction of yield improvement in North China Plain. Optimized nutrie ...

18 Oct 2012Evaluation of In-season Nitrogen Management for Summer Maize in the North China Plain

Field experiments tested N fertilizer at different rates and ratios of basal:topdress application.

18 Oct 2012Yield Gaps, Indigenous Nutrient Supply, and Nutrient Use Efficiency of Wheat in China

Great advances in food production have been made in China, but the continuous increase of nutrient inputs has caused a series of environmental problems. Nutrient management for crops must be improved. ...

09 Oct 2012Yield responses and potassium use efficiency for winter wheat in Northcentral China

Field experiments were conducted to study yield responses and K use efficiency parameters for wheat in three provinces across three years in North Central China. Results indicate that K application in ...

09 Oct 2012Nutrient Expert based fertilizer recommendation

The inappropriate application of fertilizer has become a common phenomenon in wheat and maize production systems in China and has led to nutrient imbalances, inefficient use and large losses to the en ...

09 Oct 2012Critical Nitrogen Curve and Nitrogen Nutrition Index for Spring Maize in North-East China

The study was conducted at three sites during 2008 and 2009 in the North-East China Plain(NECP). Field experiments consisted of five or six nitrogen (N) fertilization rates (0–350 kg N ha−1). Shoot bi ...

09 Oct 2012Dr. Ping He visited Purdue University and attended a PhD defense

Dr. Ping He was invited by Dr. Tony VYN from Purdue University to participate PhD student's thesis defense as the Committee Members from Sept 9 to 15, 2012. During the week, Dr. He had the chance to m ...

09 Oct 2012Ecological Intensification in China

New and better fertilizer materials, application methods and timings, and understanding of the plant nutrient management systems built into an Ecological Intensification (EI) management system will he ...

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