10 Oct 2012

Jiangxi strong encourages grain crops production in recent years

Grain production is always paid great attention in China for food security of 1.3 billion people. As one of the main grain crops production provinces in China with long history of grain production, Jiangxi’s total grain production reached 20.53 million tons (peak of the history) with rice average yield 5,879 kg/ha. It increased total grain yield 41.4% over that in 2004. Therefore, this province contributed 3.8% of China’s total grain yield with only 1.8% of total farmland area in 2012.

This great increase mainly due to strong policy encourage on grain production. For example, the number and size of top farmers increased quickly in recent years. In 2011, there were 9,319 top farmers of grain planting who occupied 223,670 hectares farmland, with more seed and fertilizers subsidies and higher grain prices in the province. Jiangxi provided subsidy US$600 million for farmland irrigation works, subsidy US$670 million for grain crops planting, subsidy US$1.3 million for soil fertility improvement, subsidy US$14.1 million for fighting drought in 2011.

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