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23 Mar 2016International Symposium on Improvement of Nutrient Use Efficiency under Zero Growth of Chemical Fertilizers in China was held in Beijing

March 16-18, 2016 - International symposium on improvement of nutrient use efficiency under zero growth of chemical fertilizers in China was held in Friendship Hotel, Beijing. The International Plant ...

30 Dec 2015Ms. Qian Zhang was selected to study in Oregon State University

Through strict qualification review by Science Committee of CAAS-IPNI Joint Lab for Plant Nutrition Innovation Research, Ms. Qian Zhang, doctorate student from Institute of Agricultural Resources and ...

16 Mar 2015IPNI China Program 2014 Annual Meeting Was Held in Beihai, Guangxi

During Feb 11-12th, 2015, the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) China Program 2014 annual meeting was held in Beihai, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Over 70 representatives including D ...

13 Mar 2015国际植物营养研究所中国项目2014年度工作会议在广西北海召开

2015年2月11-12日国际植物营养研究所(International Plant Nutrition Institute,IPNI)中国项目2014年工作会议在广西北海召开。IPNI副所长Adrian Johnston博士、IPNI中国项目全体成员以及来自IPNI全国合作网络的22个单位的代表和5个国内和国际化肥企业的负责人共70余人了参会。开幕式上,农业部国际合作司美大处叶全宝副处长、中国农 ...

10 Mar 2015Nutrient Expert improved both grain yield and nutrient efficiency

Crop yield response reflects soil fertility after fertilization. The scientific basis for Nutrient Expert (NE) is from agronomic database compiled from numerous fertilizer field experiments, soil indi ...

08 Jan 2015CAAS-IPNI Joint Lab - Profile


19 Nov 2014CAAS-IPNI植物营养创新研究联合实验室介绍