09 Nov 2012

Controlled release fertilizer for the planting of superhigh yield hybrid rice in China

The general yield of superhigh yield hybrid rice in China has reached 11 T/ha in recent years. But with the rice yield increase, nitrogen fertilization also increased significantly. It increased not only fertilizer cost, but also increased the risk of environment pollution and poor rice quality. At present, China consumed 1/3 of the total nitrogen fertilizer in the world. The nitrogen fertilizer has become one of the most important N2O emmision and water eutrophication sources.

To solve this problem, controlled release fertilizer has been introduced for high yield rice planting with nitrogen stress resistant hybrid rice cultivars and better nutrient management technology. Field experimental result indicated that in case of use same rate of nitrogen fertilizer, local made control release N fertilizer increased average hybrid rice yield 750 kg/ha (+12%) over common practice. When reduced 30% of nitrogen application, the treatment of use controlled release N fertilizer increased hybrid rice yield by 335 kg/ha (+5.5%) as well. Therefore, controlled release fertilizer has great using potential in China for promoting the development of superhigh yield hybrid rice.

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