03 Apr 2013

China’s commercial fertilizer production increased in 2012

It was reported that in 2012, China totally produced commercial fertilizer 62.95 million tons, and it increased 12.82% over 2011. In the total increment, nitrogen fertilizer production increased 11.84%, phosphate fertilizer production increased 16.67% and potash fertilizer production increased 7.98%. At the same time, China exported fertilizer 13.16 million tons, it decreased 9.62% over 2011; imported fertilizer 7.7 million tons and it increased 17.85% over 2011.

These increases of commercial fertilizer production and importation resulted in China’s grain production in 2012 reached 589.57 million tons and increased 3.2% over 2011. At the same time, national grain crop sowing area reached 11.12 million hectares and increased 0.63% over 2011.

In 2013, China’s total commercial fertilizer consumption would increase 2-3% and more fertilizers would be exported as export custom tax reduced. The fertilizer users in China will likely to by the fertilizers with multiple nutrients and functions in national and international markets.

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