26 Jun 2013

Rice field inspection activity in Hunan

Jointly with Mr. Wen Su & Ms. Dan Xiang, assistant managers from the Sinofert Hunan Branch and Mr. Yang Jiajun, director of the agricultural technology extension department from the Sinofert Hunan Branch, Dr. Fang Chen visited two demonstration bases of balanced fertilization for high rice yield in the townships of Gaoqiao and Ganshan, Chasha county, Hunan province on June 25, 2013.
As the host, Dr. Jun Nie from Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences gave a brief introduction on the current status of potash application in the double rice cropping zone in Hunan to the guests and the good work of his team was fully recognized. The two bases also gave on-site guidance to farmers on nutrient management and showed technologies on high efficient use of potash, straw returning, research and development of alternative products for traditional potash and so on during the field activity.
Guests form the Sinofert Hunan Branch indicated that the close collaboration among the government, the research institutes, the fertilizer companies and the masses of farmers will greatly improve the fertilizer use efficiency and they hope to strengthen the cooperation with Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and IPNI.

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