21 Mar 2014

China’s Commercial Fertilizer Consumption Will Continue to Increase in Near Future

The report from Chinese chemical fertilizer net on February 14 showed that China’s commercial fertilizer consumption increased quickly in recent years. It was estimated that the national commercial fertilizer consumption of China would reach US$125 billion in 2018 and it is 67% higher than that in 2013 (US$75 billion). In the total increase rate, about 50% would be contributed from N fertilizers, 20% from P fertilizers, 10% from K fertilizers and 20% by commercial organic fertilizers.

As China’s farmland area continue reduced in recent decades with 1-2% decrease rate annually, the increase of commercial fertilizers consumption in near future means much more fertilizers would be applied on each hectare and then, how to keep or improve the use efficiency of the fertilizer application would become more and more critical for farmers.

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