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27 Oct 2015Yield Gap, Indigenous Nutrient Supply and Nutrient Use Efficiency for Maize in China

Xu X, Liu X, He P, Johnston AM, Zhao S, Qiu S, et al. (2015). PLoS ONE 10(10): e0140767. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0140767

02 Feb 2015Research on Nutrient Management and its Environmental Effects in Agro-ecosystems in the Southeast China

Published by China Agriculture Press in November, 2014, this book explored the interaction between nutrient management and its environmental effects in agro-ecosystems in the Southeast China through t ...

07 Oct 20144R Manual - Chinese Edition

4R养分管理是被化肥企业普遍采用的肥料最佳养分 管理新方法,其兼顾养分管理中的经济、社会和环 境效益,对农业系统的可持续发展具有重要作用。4R养 分管理策略可简单归纳为选择正确的肥料品种、采用正 确的用量、在正确的时间施在正确的位置,但其实施则 需要专业知识和因地制宜。

09 Oct 2012Research on the Nutrient Management of Cropping System and Environment in the Southeast China

This book showed the impact of nutrient management on environment in southeast China

09 Oct 20124R Nutrient Management Practices for Potato Production in China

In China, potato yields have been restricted by low and unbalanced nutrient input. A key measure to better tuber yield, quality, and improved nutrient use efficiency will be successful implementation ...