01 Oct 2010

China's 2010 Scholar Award Recipients

Funding for the Scholar Award program is provided through support of IPNI member companies, primary producers of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and other fertilizers. Graduate students must also attend a degree-granting institution located in any country with an IPNI Program.
Dr. Adrian Johnston gave IPNI Scholar award to YI Qiong.

Ms. Qiong Yi is working toward her Masters degree at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing. Her thesis is titled “Synchronizing Regulatory Mechanisms of Nitrogen Supply and Demand in Rice-Wheat Rotation System in Jianghan Plain.” A native of Hunan, Ms. Yi graduated from Hunan Agricultural University in 2004. Objectives of her studies include defining suitable N rates for the ricewheat system and determining the critical growth stages to guide in-season N recommendations. For the future, she intends for her career achievements to contribute toward sustainable agricultural development and environmental protection.

More about: 奖学金