09 Oct 2012

Nutrient Expert based fertilizer recommendation

Ping He with Kaushik and Mira working on Nutrient Expert

The inappropriate application of fertilizer has become a common phenomenon in wheat and maize production systems in China and has led to nutrient imbalances, inefficient use and large losses to the environment. Defining an appropriate fertilization rate remains the foundation to science-based nutrient management. IPNI China Program works closely with Southeast Asia Program on development of nutrient decision support tool called Nutrient Expert.

The Nutrient Expert is developed with the goal of supporting advisors who make fertilizer recommendations to farmers. The Nutrient Expert for Wheat and Maize system uses site-specific nutrient management principles, which includes the use of the Quantitative Evaluation of the Fertility of Tropical Soils (QUEFTS) model to determine crop nutrient uptake requirements. The core of the fertilizer recommendation method in Nutrient Expert is based on yield response and agronomic efficiency (AE). The Nutrient Expert is an alternative approach developed for use when soil testing is not available. Web-based software for Nutrient Expert will be soon.

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