13 May 2013

Field demonstration for rapeseed production in Hubei province

On May 4, 2013, a field demonstration of balanced fertilization for high yield and high quality of rapeseed production was held by Huazhong Agricultural University, one of the project collaborators of IPNI China Program, in Shayang county, Hubei province.

Total 35 experts, technicians and students from Huazhong Agricultural University, the Sinofert Hubei Branch, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Soil and Fertilizer Station of Hubei Province, Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Research Institute of Oil Crops of China and Wuhan Botanical Garden of CAS took part in this field demonstration activity.

Based on the soil testing results and the dominant varieties in the main rapeseed producing county along the Yangtze River valley, this demonstration suggested following “4R” nutrient strategies for rapeseed production in this area:
  1. Balancing the application of N, P, and K fertilizers to the ratio of 1:0.35:0.45 of N:P2O5 :K2O
  2. Boron application with 7.5-15 kg ha-1
  3. Straw returning with 2-3 Mt ha-1.
  4. Build and keep ditches in good condition for drainage.

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