13 May 2014

China's Agricultural Information Monitoring and Predicting System Created

It was reported that the “First conference of China’s agricultural prospect” was held in Beijing on April 20, 2014. In the conference, the “Report of China’s agricultural prospect of 2014-2023”was released. All these activities marked the beginning and success of China’s national agriculture information monitoring and predicting system creating. The system will more efficiently to release information and guiding for Chinese farmers and domestic market to deal with the changes of international market.

The report estimated that in next 10 years, the production of China’s main agricultural products will be slightly increased. Although the increase of agricultural product demand would higher than the increase of production in the country, but China can still produce enough food for itself. It was estimated that milk product would annually increase 3.5% as one of the fastest increase products. The aquatic product, maize, sugar and fruit production would annually increase over 2%; meet product, wheat, rice cotton and vegetable production would keep stable. China will produce more edible oil and reduce its importation. For example, the annual increase ratio of China’s soybean import will significantly reduced from 5%-8.6% in recent years to about 1-1.5% in next decade.

With the adjustment and changes of agricultural production in the country, commercial fertilizer consumption for agriculture would be continue to increase in next decade and relative new concepts and new type fertilizer products would also needed.

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