09 Nov 2012

Agriculture has become the limiting factor in China’s modernization

It was reported that in 2008, China’s agricultural production efficiency was 1/10 of industrial production efficiency; China’s modernization level in agriculture was 10% lower than that in whole country. Agriculture has become the limiting factor in China’s modernization. At present, China’s agricultural modernization faced many challenges, such as:
  1. Population. In 2050, China’s population would reach 150 million.
  2. Land resource. At present, China’s average arable land per person is only 40% of the world’s average.
  3. Water resource. The average fresh water resource per person in China is only 33% of the world’s average.
  4. Agricultural labor. In next four decades, there are 280 million rural labors will be translocated to cities.
  5. Agricultural production efficiency in China is only 2% of the developed countries and 1% of the US.
  6. Land management and population management systems limited the development of rural economic.
  7. In some areas, the issues of ecological migration are existed.
  8. Food security and ecological security in rural area has become more and more critical.
  9. Compulsory education in rural area has to be improved.
  10. Poverty alleviation and basic establishments improvement in rural area need to be strengthened.

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