01 Sep 2014

China Encourages Bio-fertilizer Production

In August, the “First China forum on bio-fertilizer and bacterial fertilizer innovation and application”was held in Baoding city of Hebei province. The message from this forum showed that, to improve the soil fertility and sustainable development of China’s agriculture, Chinese government encourages the production and development of bio-fertilizers and/or bacterial fertilizers in future. The bio-fertilizer showed great potential in the country.

At present, the main bio-fertilizer in China includes bacterial fertilizer, organic bio-fertilizer and compound bio-fertilizer. Up to June of 2014, there were over 950 bio-fertilizer producing enterprises in the country and they produced 2,015 registered products with annual production 10 million tons and valued 2.42 billion USD. Most of these bio-fertilizers were used for cash crops such as vegetables, fruit trees, Chinese medicine herbs, sugarcane and annually covered 6.67 million hectares. China has invested about 161 million USD to support the bio-fertilizer projects in recent years.

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