19 Oct 2016

CAAS launches project on Nutrient Expert based fertilizer recommendations

Launching meeting of Fertilizer Recommendation Method and Nutrient Limit

Dr. Ping He, director, China, will lead a new project recently launched by the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). Sixty high level scientists from 39 competitive national research institutions including China Agricultural University, Najing Soil Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, Zhejiang University, Southwest University, Najing Agricultural University, and provincial soil and fertilizer research institutes are involved in the project.

The project aims to study the Nutrient Expert-based fertilizer recommendation method and nutrient limit standards, organic nutrient substitution for chemical fertilizers, nutrient interactions and synergistic mechanisms, and technology integration on fertilizer reduction to build theory, and integrated technologies on highly efficient use of mineral fertilizers. The final goals are to maintain crop yield while reducing the use of mineral fertilizers N and P by 20 percent in areas of excess use and improving fertilizer use efficiency by 10 percent. Leaders from Ministry of Agriculture and CAAS management presented the goals at the opening ceremony. Each of the nine group leaders presented the research plans and the Consulting Committee contributed valuable comments on the plans.

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